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We Put Our Research to Work

It's not enough to just study and conduct research. For research to truly have meaning, it must be shared, trialed, and tested. That's why we approach research with an applied mindset. We want our students to not only learn the skills to master empirical inquiry, but to also collect and analyze raw data, discover and identify trends, and then distill and evaluate the findings. 

Our experienced faculty come from years in the field as practitioners and leaders. With every class and learning opportunity, Coppin professors help our students make the connection of theory to practice. 

Our Research Centers of Excellence

At Coppin, learning happens everywhere. Our new and upgraded facilities serve as places for students to question, explore, and problem-solve. And within our Colleges, there are safes spaces where students put their knowledge and skills to the test before going out into the field. 

Where Students Turn Research into Career Advantages


A person in a suit gives a presentation in front of an audience

Faculty Research Conference

A venue for students and faculty to disseminate ideas, knowledge, research projects, and recent developments.

Faculty technology conference participants listen during a presentation

Dr. Habtu Braha Information Technology in Teaching and Learning Conference

Learn about the tools and techniques faculty are using to enhance teaching and learning.